KYI, Inc. deals with the personal information which it keeps for a visitor as follows, and strives for the suitable handling of personal information.

1. Use purpose our company uses the personal information kept for the visitor for the following purpose. In using personal information for the other purpose, I contact you on the transmission in sending of a guidance document, an E-mail, FAX, etc., or a website.

  1. The reply and correspondence to an inquiry sake In order to ship the charged various data
  2. The information service about the new product and the business of our company to a visitor sake Variety-of-information offers to a visitor, such as offer of guidance / support information on service, sake.
  3. In order to ship a success-in-an-election article on the visitor who won a prize plan, campaign, etc.

2. Don’t disclose a visitor’s information for a third party except for the case where it hangs up over below using the personal information kept for the offer visitor to the third party of personal information. A commission place is managed so that there may be no unsuitable use of the personal information by a commission place by conclusion of a confidentiality contract etc. When indicating for a third party except [ its ], I contact you on the transmission in sending of a guidance document, an E-mail, FAX, etc., or a website.

  1. Catalog dispatch DM dispatch for the information service about a new product or the business of our company
  2. Claim correspondence Data processing, guidance mail transmission
  3. When an indication is charged in response to the formal reference based on law from public institutions, such as a court and the police, and it responds to this.
  4. In order to protect a life, the body, property, etc. in the direction of the person himself/herself and others, when allowed to refer to the organs concerned unavoidably.

3. Change
This principle may be changed at any time based on change of the business of our company, or the contents of service etc. In addition, I always publish the newest principle to the website of our company in this case.

4. the case where correction of the personal information on an own one, updating, or an inquiry of deletion is obtained from a visitor about the inquiry about personal information — immediately after being able to perform a check of the person himself/herself, I will carry out correspondence required in the rational range. Please understand that it may ask for a cost price required for procedure about disclosure of personal information. In addition, please ask about required expense.

Established June 1st, 2002
November 5th, 2019 Final revision