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We can say, Japan is the leading country of electronics in the world. The most advanced researches are supported by small and medium-sized enterprise in Japan. The most important subject is the speed of development in order to survive in the electronics country and world.

We KYI are able to develop various kinds of new production correspond to customer’s needs. KYI divide the organization, and can do from development to mass production using the technology of software, hardware and mechanical.

We wish to contribute the society with KYI’s RFID excellent system, and wish to establish long term and steady relationship with customer.

Sincerely yours, Masayuki Kobayashi CEO

Company policy

Contribute to society
Mutual trust and cooperation
Create new production continuously

Main development results / research / prototype

Please see the development results of about 30 years since its establishment.

Car parking charge system with coin (Own brand)
(Exhibited at international exhibition at Tokyo in 1994)
Car parking charge system with card (Own brand)
Xenon lamp inspection device
Circuit inspection device
Mirror device of 3D image display system
Data transfer system of pocket bell
Car navigation system with positioning function (Own brand “Nano-Touch”)
The awards of Kanagawa Lieutenant Governor “Communication multi-media technology”
Communication car navigation (The first product in Japan)
GPS world positioning system
Car navigation of China version “Beijing City Area”
Car navigation of Korea version “Korea JV project”
In dash type of 7 “ LCD display monitor of Korea version
Mapping produce of overseas countries for car navigation
Car navigation with modem in mass production (Own brand)
GPS & Immobilizer positioning device
PDA with μchip application
Valued card R/W system in HF
Filing positioning system in HF
Anti-resonance R/W system in HF
GPS golf navigation system
Flaking off device of defecation gum bag
Crystal inspection device
Active tag with GPS
GPS independence navigation with remote monitoring device
Software design for digital servo circuit of DC motor plotter

Many others

Management policy: Conviction, Trust, Ability

・Never give up for everything
・Daily effort making trust
・Ability makes development possible